12Years Of Experience

About Mona Kakavand


I am Mona Kakavand born in ‫1984‬.My specialty is karate and I was a member of the national karate team of Iran from ‫2002‬ to ‫2007‬.I was awarded the Karate Bronze Medal at the Italian Championships in Rome,‫2005‬. I have a fourth-degree black belt and I also won a silver committee medal.
After much effort in the past years, I have been the first Iranian female karateka with Islamic hijab to win the gold medal in the International Women’s Karate in the individual kata. I have never left the sport since then and I am now a head coach at my own fitness center called ‘MonaFit’ .Today, there are many members at the fitness classes, both physical and online classes with workout programs and diets. 
To achieve my goals, sports was not enough for me. Therefore, recently I have started to support national productions. I run ‘Monaie’ stores that offer a range of women’s fitness wear and accessories.

Undoubtedly, this was not enough to introduce a normal lifestyle, so I always consider a healthy body and a healthy mind with healthy and innovative culinary guidelines and recipes at MonaFit Restaurant on the one hand, and MindFitworkout on the other hand, we provide everything needed to enhance your lifestyle and I hope that with the support of loved ones who trust our collection, we will see a daily improvement in the quality of people’s lives.